Our goal is to design structures that are safe, permanent and efficient and to be known as the best consultants in all aspects of structural and earthquake-resistant engineering.



Our design team are specialists with extensive experience in earthquake-resistant engineering. We use the latest structural design tools, such as ETABS and ADAPT, as well as other programs which allow use to analyze all types of structure to determine the loads which will be placed on them, whether by earthquake, wind, ground heaves, etc. or their own weight. We have developed our own programs for the design of elements such as foundations, columns, walls, beams and slabs. IECA INTERNACIONAL is a pioneer in the use of post-tensioned slabs, now becoming widely used in Costa Rica.

We have an in-house process of quality control which allows us to constantly refine the design and production of plans, while minimizing error and helping to achieve more efficient and effective delivery times.




Our engineers form part of the consultancy team for each project. The team provides support to the developer and contractors to make sure all processes are successful. No matter where the project is located, we carry out scrupulously detailed structural inspections to guarantee that all parts of the contract are faithfully fulfilled, and that best practice is followed throughout the construction phase. In this way we minimize any setbacks and provide a quick and effective response to any problems.  We aim to have satisfied clients because they know that we are protecting their investment.



Seismic vulnerability studies and structural reinforcements.